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Neff Daily Earbuds Orange


Put me in your ear said the Neff Daily Bud Ear Bud (Neff Daily Bud Ear Bud played by Dolf Lundgren) . The young (Young Man Played By Scotch Tape and and a Ice Cube.) starched looking lad by the door took off his weathered hat when entering the presence of such a well crafted and ornate Ear bud such as the Neff Daily Bud. After what seemed felt a lifetime, yet were only mere brief moments of strong and almost shivering silences. The young lad burst out in a rasp of haste, shun his cap to the ground an cried out to the lord Hallelujah! In what can only be described as monument of defiance and bitter resentment for the sputtering regalia of the common obscurity and stagnant order of dwellers in the herd! I am free at last from those damn iPhone head phones proclaimed the young man! (Young Man Played By Scotch Tape and and a Ice Cube.) there was only one thing he could have forged into the stone of history now that the score of time had been stuck. The you man scream at the top of his lungs! and quoted the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "" Free at Last, Free At Last, We Are Free At Last!""

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