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6"" x 36"" SuperPro Class-A Chimney Pipe


You won''t find SuperPro at your local hardware or home center store. SuperPro Class-A Chimney from Supervent Products is sold only to professionals! SuperPro Chimney features 304-alloy stainless steel for both its inner and outer liner, and mineral wool solid pack insulation. This insulation is formulated for optimum performance while dramatically reducing chemically active ingredients. It provides a thermal delay that resists and contains surges of heat, keeping the outer liner cooler. SuperPro''s couplers are embossed, not cut, to reduce moisture penetration. This greatly increases the longevity of the chimney. With these features, Supervent Products is so confident in SuperPro that they offer a lifetime prorated warranty. Components, such as flashings, have a galvalume coating which has twice the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel. SuperPro features twist-lock connections; however, locking bands are recommended at each joint for extra security when cleaning and are required on elbows. SuperPro has

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